HUGE Tesla Coil

30" x 9" spun aluminum

Flat-helical made up of 16 turns
1.25 " x 100 feet spring bronze weatherstrip (0.01" thick)
17" inside diameter
26" outside diameter

12.5" x 60" grey PVC duct pipe
Circumference: 39"
4500 feet of 18 gauge heavy build magnet wire
Turns: 1400
Weight: 22 LB
Inductance: 112 mH
Resonant Frequency: 95 KHz

30 KV @ 250 mA bombarder transformer with slide choke

0.04 uF to 0.08 uF at 45 KV capacitor (MMC type)

Asynchronous Rotary Spark Gap (Propeller Style)

Power Levels: 5 KW & 7.5 KW (so far)

Spark Length: 9 feet (so far)

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Getting Started

ZEN of Winding the Secondary

Coating the Secondary with Polyurethane

Winding the Primary

Asynchronous Rotary Spark Gap (propeller Style)

Multi-Mini Capacitors: MMC

1ST Power Up

2ND Power Up

Coils in Action

Cool Tesla Coil Merchandise

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